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To our members

A message to our Westside members:

We hope everyone is as excited as we are to begin this new Spring Season at Westside Soccer Club. It is our goal to put this park on a track to realize its true potential not only as a soccer club, but a place that all of you can enjoy with your families. In recent months we have made some encouraging strides, and we wanted to take some time to bring everyone up to speed on the progress made thus far.

This progress in the off season began with the repairing of all the lights in the parking lot. This was a very important safety issue for us, and we are thankful to the City of Jacksonville for helping us accomplish this task. We were also able to coordinate with the city to repair the water fountains near the bathrooms that had been vandalized.

Our biggest challenge so far has been dealing with the significant damage our club sustained during Hurricane Matthew. Nearly every shade structure or awning was damaged as a result of the storm. However, we have been coordinating with local eagle scout candidates to help repair and reinforce the structure next to Field 9, and are looking forward to having that project completed soon.

We have also been informed by the city that they will be replacing two of the shade structures that were damaged by the hurricane, and our own Jimmy Gornick has worked exceptionally hard to ensure that progress is made on this front, all while pledging to install a new canopy on the structure next to the concessions building. We are truly grateful to Jimmy for all of his hard work on this front!

These are just a few examples of the work being done at our Westside location. Our commitment to all our members is to continue to work hard towards our goal of providing an environment that is among the best in the city.